Thursday, July 14, 2011

Big Sky Country (Road Trip Day 5 and 6)

It was so great to spend all day Tuesday and most of the day Wednesday with our friends in Montana. Jess and I took the kids to Lake Elmo to swim and play on the beach. Jake helped Liam shoot his bow. And the kids all had a great time playing together. I still can't believe Jess totally surprised me and cleaned out my car for me while I was in the shower (you can't even imagine what a mess it was after all our traveling)! She's the best! It was great to eat good food too, after so much junky road food. Wednesday, we went to Softees for ice cream, then the kids and I headed out for Utah at about 3 in the afternoon. We drove through Montana, Idaho, then finally arrived in Utah at 2 in the morning. That seems to be our favorite arrival time!

(I drove, while the kids ran all the way to Idaho.)

(Liam got tired, and tried to hitch a ride.)

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