Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Timmy's Lost Leg (or Stories To Scare Young Children)

My favorite thing I did while visiting my family in Utah a couple of weeks ago, was read old children's books with my mom. She has quite a nice collection. I could sit and read them for hours! My favorite was a book titled, "Be Better Book". It is a book that was actually written to scare children into being good! It's filled with stories of children who eat bad food, like bananas and do other horrible things like that. The consequences of their actions are quite extreme, thus scaring kids half to death.  My favorite story is one about a little boy who just can't sit still. He wriggles so much that he wriggles his whole body into pieces. He ends up loosing his leg completely and the whole family has to go searching for it. It was so great! We were laughing so hard as we read it. I hoped it would stop my own children from wriggling so much, but they just laughed right along with us. They love the old stories as much as I do.

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