Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Decoupage Map Table

For my playroom, I wanted a kids table that was big enough to put 6 chairs around. I had a hard time finding one large enough. So, I got a kitchen table, painted the legs black, then cut them down several inches. To make it more interesting, I decoupaged old maps to the top. I love making these decoupage tables. I have made several, and I love the unique look each one has. 

To make this project you need:

 A variety of colors and images is always nice when making a collage. So, I scanned old maps from a book I borrowed from a friend, then I printed them out. I also had on old atlas that I took apart and used the pages from. The atlas pages were very large, which was great, because it always takes more images than you thing to do a project like this.

I used Mod Podge with a gloss-lustre (you could also use watered down craft glue)

Scissors and Paper Cutter:
The paper cutter is good to trim off unwanted edges that sometimes occur when scanning from a book. I use scissors to fit small areas and table edges.

A plastic spatula works nicely to smooth large images into place. 
I used glossy black spray paint for the table legs.
After decoupaging, I sprayed the edges with glossy wood tone, to give it an aged look.
I also like to spray my completed collage with Polyurethane. This helps to protect it from spills and makes it much more durable, especially with kids!

Voila! Now you have really cool kids table with lots of room to draw, paint, and create!


  1. This is great...would make a perfect homeschool table too, wonderful idea! Kim

  2. Yes! This would be perfect for homeschooling. Everyone who comes to my house asks if I homeschool my kids.