Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's Great to Be 8!

Turning 8 is a big deal in our church.  This year, Aidan turned 8 and was baptized on his birthday. I made this cake for him, and all the other children turning eight, in honor of their big day. To celebrate each of their baptisms we have them pick a candle off the cake and we sing the song that is taped to the bottom of it.

Each time I bring the cake out, the kids get so excited. I always have one or two people ask me (adults and children) if it is real. It looks good enough to eat, though I would not suggest it. I made it with styrofoam cake dummies and a mixture of plaster of paris, spackle, and latex calk. The poka dots I made with polymer clay. It was really a lot of fun to make. And the best part was, I didn't gain a single ounce from eating all the frosting, like I usually do when I make cakes!

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