Wednesday, October 27, 2010

5 Minute Window Treatment

I really love vintage aprons (there's a shocker!) I find myself buying them often at estate sales. Some are great for inspirations for new patterns, others are made from great vintage fabrics, some I actually wear to cook dinner. What I love about aprons is that each one is unique in one way or another. They remind me of a by gone era of simpler times. The kind of life I wish I had now. Here is a typical apron you might come across. This one is made with a sheer fabric and has roses from an old handkerchief appliqued on it. An apron like this would be worn on special occasions to welcome guests to your home. Because it wasn't worn everyday, special occasion aprons are almost always in new or barley used condition. This apron was perfect to complete my own little tribute to aprons. In my sewing room, I made a simple window treatment using red and yellow aprons I had collected. I used the existing curtain rod and used clothes pins to put my aprons in place. A window treatment in 5 min, not bad!

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