Thursday, October 21, 2010

My First Love

It was love at first sight. I was just ten years old but I knew true beauty when I saw it. The name was Phoenix. I'd never heard the name before but I liked it. Phoenix called to me, "Pick me, pick me," he cried. My grandmother told me I could pick any one item from the large trailer parked in front of her house. My uncles had just returned from cleaning out some property my great grandfather had owned several years before. The aunts and uncles would get together later to divide things up. But I'm sure the wants of ten year old little girls would not be a consideration. Grandma Judy told me she wanted me to have something to remember my recently deceased grandfather by. He had been a sewing machine salesman and repairman in the 30's and 40's.  So before any of the relatives had a chance to make dibs on things, she let me pick. It was an easy decision. Phoenix was awesome. I took him in the house and plugged him in. The motor worked great and so did the lights. I was in love. I have been with Phoenix for over 25 years and love him just as much today as the day we met! He hangs in my sewing room and lovingly looks down at me, reminding me of my grandfather I loved so much. (Don't worry, my husband is okay with Phoenix, in fact he loves him too!... if only Phoenix had a sister... hmmm..)

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