Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Place Between (road trip day 3)

Day three of our  I-90 driving tour finds us in Oacoma, South Dakota. The name of this small  town actually means 'a place between'. I thought this was very fitting, considering we are right in the middle of the country and right in the middle of our road trip. A place between home and our destination. 

Today we spent much less time driving. After our bad night, it seemed like waiting until things had settled a little was a good plan. So we didn't leave our hotel until 11:30 this morning. Today we drove through Minnesota and South Dakota, two states I've never been to. Minnesota was so beautiful! I loved it! The kids were great, no one threw up.

As we got in to South Dakota, signs reading, "The World's Only Corn Palace" popped up every few miles. Our interest was peeked.  When the exit to the Corn Palace approached, I made a hasty decision to stop and see what all the fuss was about. It is so cool. We visited The Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD and watched a short film about it's history. It was actually quite fascinating. The first Palace was built in 1892. And the one currently in use was built in 1919. What a unique form of Folk Art! The building has murals inside and out made completely of corn. The murals on the exterior change annually but the interior always stays the same. Then, the very friendly, and helpful tour guide shared with us my favorite quote of the day. He said "...and here we have three men shooting our state bird, the pheasant. Our state is one of only 3 states, that actually lets you shoot their State Bird. In fact, we encourage it! There are plenty of them to go around!" It was a pretty great day! I love seeing this country of ours! It really is America the Beautiful!

****notice the kids finally changed out of their cow shirts!****

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