Sunday, July 10, 2011

Curse the Open Road! (Road Trip Day 2)

Starting Location: Lakewood, NY
Ending Location: LaCrosse, WI
Driving time:14 hours

The Good: The kids were great. No major arguments. No complaining. I finally figured out my driving route-it was about time! My route will now include a visit with my friend, Jess, in Billings, MT (I'm so excited to see her!) Finding a small bottle of Bath & Body Works spray in my backpack (needed at 4:30a.m.).

The Bad: One hour to get through Chicago, on a Saturday afternoon, go figure. Hard time getting a hotel on Price-line. Arrived in LaCrosse at 10:15pm (Central Time), exhausted. Hotel completely booked-one room with only ONE bed (four weary travelers). Took 20 minuted to figure out how to turn on air conditioning in room.

The Ugly: Insomnia. My body said "SLEEP!" My mind said "NO WAY!" Four a.m., Liza woke up crying, then VOMITING. 15 minutes Later Aidan followed suite. I'm experiencing deja vu. Same nocturnal experience in Santa Rosa, NM two summers ago. Why do I do this to myself???????????


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