Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shoelaces to Fit your Style

I don't know about your kids, but shoelaces are a big problem at my house. The problem is, that they either take them out to do various things, like tie each other up, or they somehow manage to fray the ends (maybe by chewing on them?), so they won't fit through the holes anymore. I once even received a note home from my son's teacher, that had his shoestrings attached with a stapler. It explained that he kept tying his shoes to his desk during class. The teacher got so fed up that he snipped the laces right off and send them home with the note!

Since my daughter had only one shoe lace for this pair of tennis shoes (typical). I made her a pair of fun polka dot ones. The coolest thing that I recently discovered, is called heat shrink tubing. To make these, I simply made some bias tape (actually it wasn't on the bias). Then stitched the the length of the laces on the open side. After that I slipped each end through the heat shrink tubing and heated it up with my embosser. What a quick fix to a shoe lace dilemma!

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