Friday, July 8, 2011

Heading Out of Town With my Little Calves (cows that is)

So, we're headed out for a long road trip across country today. My three youngest kids and I are just about ready to hit the open road. But first a couple of stops at Chick-fil-A for Customer Appreciation Day. If your not familiar with this annual event, it goes something like this; dress like a cow, get free food. My kids look forward to this every year. So yesterday when I should have been packing, I sewed up a few cow shirts for us all to wear today. Then, Liam got up this morning and made some really cute signs for the kids to wear to breakfast. Now we're off  for an oil change and tire rotation. After that, we'll traipse through the mall like a heard of cattle for lunch, then back home to load up the car and get on our way! Happy Cow day!

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